20 October 2015

No one has stood this year as Committee members or officers and the Action Group is currently inactive.

SPAG is an affiliated group of the Southwark Pensioners Centre that has been in existence for more than twenty years, campaigning for better pensions and care for older people.  It has never been as important as it is

We are facing cuts in the basic welfare services which we have taken for granted since the 1940s.  Major financial and political institutions are in agreement that government cuts, which have been passed on to
local authorities, will have the worst effects on the poorest sections of society. Millions of pensioners live in poverty and they will bear the brunt of government measures.  Nobody believes the Government’s
cynical assurances that “we are all in it together”. 

It is important to bring more and more Southwark Pensioners together so we can join with other campaigning groups, old and young, to fight these measures and improve the lot of ordinary people.

News of SPAG's current campaigns can be found by clicking on the Diary Dates, Campaign Photographs and Newsletter buttons.

A Committee is elected annually and meetings are held monthly that are open to all members.